SteamPlaytime has honestly been really broken for quite some time. The script used to update the game information, as well as estimated hours, has been broken for around 6 months. (This means that any games that have come out since then weren't even being listed on profiles!) The codebase itself was really nasty as well (since I originally just threw it together over a weekend), and difficult to work with, leading to various bugs.

I would like to spend time fixing everything, and taking into account the various suggestions that people contributed over the past few months. (And thanks for those, everyone!) I just don't know when I'll have the time/motivation to do so. So while I'd like to relaunch with everything fixed and working properly, I can't give any promises about when that will be.

If you'd like to get in contact with me, or would like to keep up to date with the status of the site, feel free to follow me on Twitter.

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